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Kuroda Precision

Kuroda Precision Industries, Ltd. began business as the first manufacturer in Japan specialized in gauges under the name Kuroda Gauge Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 1925. Producing gauges domestically, which is the starting point of manufacturing, was what would become a cornerstone in the modernization of Japan’s industrial world at the time when it was still emerging.
Since that time, our corporation developed electric-hydraulic pulse motors, precision press metal dies for motors, precision grinding machines and polishers for lens metal dies, tooling systems for precision processing, ball screw drive systems for precision positioning, pneumatic equipments, high-efficiency motor cores, ultra-precision configuration measuring equipments, etc., in addition to various gauges, based on the excellent precision processing and measurement technology.

Các sản phẩm của Kuroda

  • Máy mài phẳng Kuroda GS-30Vs Surface Grinding Machine GS-30Vs
  • Máy mài phẳng Kuroda GS 45 Surface Grinding Machine GS-45 Series
  • Máy mài phẳng Kuroda GS-86CVs Surface Grinding Machine GS-86CVs
  • Máy mài phẳng Kuroda GS-30 Surface Grindin Machine GS-30
  • Máy mài phẳng Kuroda GS-52PFⅡ GS-63PFⅡ GS-64PFⅡ GS-65PFⅡ
  • Máy mài phẳng Kuroda GS-BM3 GS-BMH GS-BMHF
  • Máy mài phẳng Kuroda GS-95CPF Surface Grinding Machine GS-95CPF
  • Máy mài phẳng Kuroda JK-105ATD JK-106ATD JK-125ATD JK-126ATD JK-155ATD JK-156ATD JK-205ATD JK-206ATD
  • Máy mài CNC FGX-1 CNC Ultra high precision forming grinding machine FGX-1


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