Kira Cooperation là công ty sản xuất máy công cụ nổi tiếng của Nhật Bản được thành lập vào năm 1944

Kira Corporation is a machine tool company. Our products range from CNC machining centers, to high speed drilling and tapping machines and drilling machines.
Kira’s contribution to manufacturing has had as its central focus serving the automotive industry.
Kira has provided engineered manufacturing solutions to our valued customers by designing and building complete manufacturing systems using our Kira CNC production centers as the platform for these systems.
Kira’s knowledge, skills, and capabilities have grown during the 80 years in which we have been serving our valued customers.
Today manufacturing is changing. The environmental challenges being faced by companies throughout the globe effect us all.
Kira Corporation will continue to serve our valued manufacturing customers throughout the world with on eye toward making a contribution to the next generation of manufactures.
Kira Corporation is committed to developing the next generation of machine tools by creating products that address the needs of a changing world. In addition we will continue to improve customer service, communications, and value added offerings will be expanded.
Kira Corporation appreciates your past support and will continue to do all we can to earn your continued supports in the future.
Kira nổi tiếng với các dòng sản phẩm sau đây:

Máy phay cnc Kira BT30 : PCV-30 KPC 30A KPC 30B HPC-30Vb-2AQC PC 30H

Máy phay cnc Kira BT40 : VTC 40a  VTC 40b KN 40Va KN 40Vb KN 40Hb

Máy phay cnc Kira kiểu 2 trục chính MT 30V và MT 40V

Kira logo
Kira logo

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