Máy cnc Weingartner
Not off-the-peg. From Weingärtner.

Máy cnc Weingartner
Máy cnc Weingartner

During the production of special machine tools for the energy, plastics and aerospace industries, as well as the processing of problematic materials, it is not quantity that is decisive, but quality.

Not since yesterday. Since fifty years.

Weingärtner has not been around since yesterday, but for over five decades. During which time, its high-precision machine tools have delighted customers worldwide.

Not just whirling. Whirling plus maximum cost-efficiency.

Weingärtner has redefined the term “whirling” and turned it into one of the most cost-efficient processes for the production of feed, extrusion and injection moulding screws. Moreover, whirling puts you on the global pace with rotors and stators for progressive cavity pumps. Small wonder therefore that the Weingärtner mpmc (turn-mill / mill-turn center) is exceptionally popular amongst company customers.

Not simply ordinary. Simply extraordinary.

Full service means that those opting for Weingärtner are not simply taking second best, but simply the best.

The perfect interplay between Weingärtner machinery, tools, process technologies and CAD/CAM software never fails to impress during the production of:

Large crankshafts, power plant turbo generator shafts, wind turbines, steam and gas turbines and large compressor screws
Paper and steel industry rollers

weingartner weingartner

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