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Máy mài phẳng Kuroda GS45

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Máy mài Kuroda GS 30

Tính năng Features

Just Size – 23% Footprint Reduction

23% less footprint than GS-45 Series as a result of reducing the table and chuck size by specializing to small parts, such as processing of connector dies.

Just Spec – NC machine-level number of features in a generic machine

These machines inherit the superior operability and features of the best-selling GS-45 Series, developed on the concept that “anybody can be a precision grinding professional from day one”. The ergonomically designed handle is not only easy to operate but also compact and well-suited for small built Asians.

Compact design for added operability

Stainless steel wet cover and grinding wheel cover for excellent resistance to corrosion

Intuitive main switches

Up and down, back and forth digital scale counter

Independent, room-temperature lubrication pump capable of constantly supplying new oil at room temperature to each excitation unit

Thông số kỹ thuật

ITEM UNIT Máy mài Kuroda GS-30HL Longitudinal Auto
Máy mài Kuroda GS-30FLⅡ Full Auto
Working surface of the table mm 350 x 150
Distance from table top surface mm 40 ~ 350
Standard magnetic chucksize(LxWxH) mm Permanent magnetic
300 x 150 x 50
300 x 150 x 70
Wheel dimension(DxWxB) mm 180 x 6~25 x 31.75
Motor spindle kW 1.5-4P
Dimension of the machine(WxLxH) mm 1430x1450x1950
Machine net weight kg 1300

Máy mài Kuroda GS-PF II Series Precision Surface Grinding Machines

It is a universal machine concept up high-precision, efficiency, ease of.
Preeminent Operability based on ergonomics!
Highe performance even though simple.

Breaking away from the concept on which conventional NC machines are designed,
GS-PF II Series machines enable flexible, low-cost automation of grinding operations.
Remodeled from the conventional “PF Series”, they offer better operability and footprint.
They are far easier to use.

Series : GS-52PFⅡ GS-63PFⅡ GS-64PFⅡ GS-65PFⅡ

Tính năng Features

Virtical and cross around the minimum setting unit 0.1 μm feed standard general purpose machine. Virtical and cross, in-house ball screws and servo mortor is used , tracking performance.

Touch panel screen for operability

High precison & Ecology

Versatile items and customization

Metal- bearing spindle (Option)

Thông số kỹ thuật máy mài kuroda GS PF Performance / Specifications

Working surface of the table (LxWmm) 550×200 600×300 600×400 600×500
Max. traverse of the table (LongxCross mm) 680×240 720×340 760×440 760×540
Distance from table top to bottom surface of wheel (mm) 0~342.5(at,φ255) 48~387.5(at,φ305) 40~487.5(at,φ305) 40~487.5(at,φ305)
Dimension of the wheel (DxWxBmm) 255x25x50.8 305x38x127
Dimension of electro-magnetic chuck (LxWxHmm) 500x200x70 600x300x80 600x400x85 600x500x85
Net weight(kg) 1800 2500 3500 3800

Máy mài Kuroda GS-BM series Precision Forming Surface Grinding Machine

Best-selling machine to represent the KURODA.
High-performance precision forming surface grinding series with excellent cost performance

Tính năng Features

High-performance and Economical “Hand-operated” Model GS-BM3 – Fully hand-operated type.

Model GS-BM3 – Fully hand-operated type.

Hand-operated precision surface grinding machine with outstandingly high accuracy and distinguished performance come from th most sophisticated use of KURODA’s technical knowhow based on its international status as a mold manufacturer. This model features light longitudinal feed handwheel, automatic lubrication, perfect dust-proofing, superb durability and high ccuracy assured by the uniquely designed spindle constructin.

The Series of automated models save your cost and labor!

Model GS-BMH – Longitudinal Auto Fees.

Model GS-BMHF – Fully Automated

Thông số kỹ thuật Performance / Specifications

Working surface of the table (L x Wmm) 500×150
Traverse of the table (Long x Cross mm) 580×200
Distance from table top surface to bottom surface of wheel (mm) 40~375(at ɸ180)
Dimension of electro-magnetic chuck (L x W x H mm) Tilting type:380x110x125 / Flat type:450x150x70
Dimension of the wheel (D x W x B mm) 180×6~22×31.75
Spindle speed(rpm) 2700
Motor wheel spindle(kW) 2.2(4P)
Dimension of the machine (W x L x H mm) 1650x1260x1750 1650x1400x1750
Machine net weight(kg) 1050 1220 1280

Máy mài Kuroda GS-95CPF Precision Surface Grinding Machine

For medium- to large-scale surface grinding.
New size added to the high-precision, high-rigidity surface grinding machine series.

Boasts a table work area of 900 x 500 mm, the largest ever of KURODA grinding machines.
Eay to use, reliable, and safe, can be used by anyone.

Tính năng máy mài kuroda GS 95Features

Selected disposable lubricate oil is adopted, it contributes to stability in precision and durability in motion parts.

Language of the operation panel: Japanese, English and Chinese.

Reliable control device made by a Japanese manufacturer is applied. Overseas support system is considered in terms of the lowest disorder ratio.

Column sliding system is adopted to fix the operation position.

Mechanical deformation and precision change influenced by heat variation is minimized thanks th the symmetrical cast structure.

Thông số kỹ thuật máy mài kuroda GS 95 Performance / Specifications

Unit GS-95CPF
Working surface of the talbe (LxW) mm 900×500
Max.traverse of the table (LongxCross) mm 1100×552
Distance from table top surface to bottom surface of wheel mm -10~512.5
Demension of electro-magnetic chuck (LxWxH) mm 900x500x85
Dimension of the wheel (DxWxB) mm 305x38x127
Net weight kg 6500

Máy mài Kuroda JK-series Precison Surface Grinding Machine

105-207, 12 types of large scale CNC grinding machines.

That provides high-precision, high-performance, highly efficient cost-performance global standard machines.
Wet covers made from SUS(or Nickel Plated) are excellent in coronsion-and rust-proof and available for manual and full automation process.

Series: JK-105ATD JK-106ATD JK-125ATD JK-126ATD JK-155ATD JK-156ATD JK-205ATD JK-206ATD

Tính năng máy mài Kuroda JK Features

Main conorol panel: Adopt a sheet key. Clearly visible for the grinding margin setting with Digital display.

Easy operation and clear display panel.

Grinding conditions can easily be input by keys.

High precision and efficiency are available with the functions of cross-feed speed control and vertical-infeed setting in each.Rough & Finish modes operations.

Machine automatically power off after the finish of Auto-cycle modes.

One-end and Both-ends can be selected.

Cross-feed stroke can easily be set by teaching functions.

Thông số kỹ thuật máy mài Kuroda JK Performance / Specifications

JK-105ATD JK-106 JK-125 JK-126 JK-155 JK-156 JK-205 JK-206
Working surface of the table (L x W mm) 1050 x 500 1050 x 600 1550 x 500 1550 x 600 1550 x 500 1550 x 600 2050 x 500 2050 x 600
MAX. traverse of the table (long x Cross mm) 1200 x 560 1200 x 660 1700 x 560 1700 x 660 1700 x 560 1700 x 660 2200 x 560 2200 x 660
テーブル上面から砥石軸中心までの距離(mm) 600
砥石寸法 (直径x幅x穴径・mm) 405 x 50 x 127
マグネットチャック寸法 (長さx幅x高さ85・mm) 1000 x 500 1000 x 600 1200 x 500 1200 x 600 1500 x 500 1500 x 600 2000 x 500 2000 x 600
本体の大きさ(組立時) (横x縦x高さ・mm) 3670 x 3040 x 2070 3670 x 3140 x 2070 4820 x 3040 x 2070 4820 x 3140 x 2070 4820 x 3040 x 2070 4820 x 3140 x 2070 5820 x 3040 x 2070 5820 x 3140 x 2070
本体質量(kg) 6000 6500 7500 8000 7500 8000 9000 9500

Máy mài Kuroda CNC Ultra high precision forming grinding machine FGX-1

Significantly improves productivity while reducing environmental load

Capable of grinding at ultra-high speed thanks to the high-speed shuttle table (1000 reversals/min), it is ideal for preprocessing small, high-precision die components.

Tính năng Máy mài Kuroda CNC Features

Hgih speed and High efficency

High speed operation of 1000 reversals/min without vibration is achieved thanks to the newly developed high-reciprocation table with built-in shock-absorbing mechianism. (Patent pending)

Save the energy

No use of hydraulic unit for enviromentally friendly

Well-designed internal structure makes smooth air flow for minimize thermo deformation and it save the power of thermo-controll unit for enviromentally friendly

High precision

Built-in motor with proprietary cooling system for the low thermal expansion alloy spindle

Save the space

Space-saving design of the 1000x1500mm.

Thông số Máy mài Kuroda CNC Performance / Specifications

Item Contents
Working surface of the table 75mmx147mm
Number of times of highspeed reciprocating 500cycles/min.(1000turn/min.)
Traverse of the reciprocation table 5~100mm(manual)
Max. traverse of the table(LxW) 180mm x 100mm
Dimension of the machine(WxLxH) 980x1490x1495mm
Floor space required (WxL) 1600mm x 2270mm
Control unit FANUC 0i-MF

Kanematsu KGK Vietnam

Kanematsu KGK là một công ty Nhật Bản được thành lập năm 1963. Công ty chuyên về kinh doanh các loại sản phẩm, công cụ như máy CNC, máy tiện cnc, máy ép nhựa, công cụ đo lường… Để mang đến cho khách hàng sự hài lòng an tâm, Kanematsu KGK cũng có các dịch vụ hỗ trợ bao gồm dịch vụ trước khi bán, dịch vụ bảo dưỡng và hỗ trợ kĩ thuật. Ứng dụng bí quyết kĩ thuật và kinh nghiệm tích lũy nhiều năm, Kanematsu KGK xác định sẽ đáp ứng khách hàng qua các giải pháp công nghiệp tối ưu. Để khai thác tiềm năng thị trường Việt Nam, Kanematsu KGK đã đến và lập ra văn phòng đại diện Hà Nội. Với tác phong làm việc chuyên nghiệp, công ty mong muốn đem lại sản phẩm đáp ứng nhu cầu khách hàng.

Các sản phẩm phân phối kinh doanh chính :

Với đội ngũ quản lý kỹ sư chuyên nghiệp nhiều kinh nghiệm đông đảo kỹ thuật viên công nhân lành nghề Kanematsu KGK Vietnam luôn đáp ứng được đa dạng yêu cầu từ Quý khách hàng với chất lượng tốt nhất.

Chúng tôi luôn luôn nỗ lực cải tiến hoàn thiện hệ thống để mang lại cho khách hàng những sản phẩm và dịch vụ tốt nhất, mục tiêu của chúng tôi luôn luôn lấy sự hài lòng của khách hàng làm nền tảng cho sự phát triển bền vững.

Chúng tôi trân trọng cảm ơn Quý khách hàng đã quan tâm và sử dụng sản phẩm dịch vụ của chúng tôi và mong muốn đồng hành cùng sự phát triển của Quý khách hàng

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